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About me

I am Tauheed Arshad, a Digital Wizard helping clients in growing their social presence as well as their businesses to certain height. I have an educational background in Business and Marketing so that’s why I am passionate about Digital marketing which can lead to proper start-ups, as well as I am building up this website in order to show my work samples (Marketing Portfolio) to my clients/potential customers.

Work Experience

I have been working as a Digital Marketer for past 2 years and have helped many clients and small businesses in achieving their desired results in a meantime using digital strategies which helped my clients in growing their sales ultimately using the power of digital platforms. On the other side I have also worked with many local and international clients and small companies which is also included in this Marketing Portfolio.

Why Choose me?

At the heart of my approach lies unwavering integrity, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. I believe in honesty and loyalty along with I believe in fostering long-term relationships built on trust, earning the title of a reliable ally in your brand’s journey towards success. My main focus is my clients and potential customers to give their desired results with my digital marketing strategies which can lead them to certain heights in their professional lives. So if you are ready to explore the digital success just let me know.

My Certification

I have gained many certifications regarding Digital Marketing and I am uploading one of the topmost institution certification here is the screenshot to show about my learning platform relevancy:

Our Services

Facebook Marketing (Ads) :-

This picture shows my services regarding Facebook which is the part of my marketing portfolio

“Let’s explore the power of Facebook marketing and reach your target audience like never before. I will strategize, create compelling content, and optimize campaigns to maximize your ROI. Facebook has almost 2.95 billion active users and it has lot of potential to gain profits using Advertising strategies. We can bring these audience direct to our landing pages and ultimately generate sales. It is the major part of my Marketing Portfolio. For more details contact us to grow your social presence and promoting services/products using the power of Facebook ads and marketing”. Click here to visit my Facebook Profile

Google Ads and Google Analytics :-

It shows my services regarding Google Ads and Google Analytics which is included in my Marketing portfolio.

“Google is the first largest search engine and it has lot of potential in growing your business to certain heights. For this purpose Google ads plays a role in your online presence and also for your business. This is the direct method to drive traffic to your websites to promote your products and ultimately drive sales. Similarly Google analytics also helps in tracking traffic and it shows stats on our websites as well as it is also beneficial in analyzing results and stats which is good for better SEO practices. It is also included in my Marketing Portfolio “

Instagram Marketing (Ads) :-

This is Instagram logo which shows my services regarding Instagram and It is the part of my Marketing Portfolio.

“Unlock your brand’s full potential with our cutting-edge Instagram marketing and ads solutions. Instagram is the video and picture platform and there are over 2.35 billion people use Instagram Harness the power of visual storytelling and reach millions of potential customers, driving real growth and engagement like never before. Drive these followers to your website and generate sales ultimately”.

Twitter Marketing (Ads):-

It shows my services regarding Twitter Marketing and it is included in my Marketing Portfolio.

“Unlock the power of social influence with Twitter Marketing! Engage your audience, boost brand visibility, and drive growth with our expert strategies and captivating content. It has almost 368 million active users and you can sell your products/services if you use twitter effectively and turn these people into potential customers and clients. Let us know if you wanna grow your online presence and your business using Twitter marketing and Twitter ads .

LinkedIn Marketing (Ads):-

This picture shows Linkedin regarding services which is the part of Marketing Portfolio.

LinkedIn marketing plays an important role in growing your website. Similarly LinkedIn consists of lot of professional people also it has lot of potential to find people that might interested in your products/services as well as LinkedIn also provides paid advertising to engage people and other companies to promote your products/services to them. Contact us to grow our online presence on LinkedIn and promote your brand to potential customers with us. Click here to view my social presence on LinkedIn.

Pinterest Marketing (Ads):-

It is the Pinterest app and it is just to show my services regarding Pinterest which is included in my Marketing Portfolio.

“Discover the art of Pinfluence as your brand takes center stage on Pinterest, where stunning imagery meets strategic marketing to cultivate a devoted community of eager enthusiasts. People usually ignore Pinterest and don’t focus on it for marketing purposes. There are over 463 million those people who use Pinterest for getting product ideas and many more. Let us know how can we help you in growing your social presence on Pinterest and ultimately generate sales on your website using Pinterest Ads features”.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):-

SEO is important part of my Marketing portfolio.

“Unlock the secrets to boost your online presence with our cutting-edge SEO solutions. Dominate search engines and watch your business thrive like never before. SEO allows to dominate search engines with keywords which leads your website to grow faster and grow traffic on it using search engines. Don’t wait and let us take care of your Website ranking using SEO strategies.”

YouTube Marketing (Ads):-

Video Marketing or YouTube is also the part of my Marketing Portfolio.

YouTube is the second biggest video and short reels (videos) search engine. Video marketing is also possible with the help of YouTube. YouTube is the source of building the social presence to engage potential clients and customers that might be interested in your products using video content. YouTube are also useful in promoting products/services content on videos with the help of paid advertising. Contact us to grow your business/brand with the help of YouTube Marketing.

Website development :-

It is just to showcase my services regarding Web development

Your website plays an important role in the social presence if you have a proper business. This is the source through which you can show your work samples and products/services to your clients and potential customers. Similarly I have created many websites regarding different businesses and brands to help them engage with their potential clients . I can build full fledged and attractive website by using engaging themes. I can also customize your existing website to make it more engaging and eye-catchy. Let’s connect to build your online presence and social connection with the help of website.

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